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First Grade Mandarin

        Second Trimester (January - March)

Chinese Language Art

  • Students will focus on one topic for each week. While discussing and learning the topic, students will learn the following things:

  1. Reading passages

  2. Characters, words/expressions

  3. Characters’ stroke orders and radicals

  4. Phrases and sentences

  5. produce phrases and sentences

  6. Put words and sentences into a dialogue or conversation

  7. Answer questions based on the topic


  • How to read passages/stories

  • Identify characters, settings and major events in a story

  • Answer questions based on a passage/story

  • Use illustrations and supplementary readings to help with comprehension and to relate with the topic

  • Learn sequences of events


  • Topic and lesson based vocabularies

  • Stroke orders of characters

  • Phrases and simple sentences

  • Sentence structures

  • Sequence words


  • Numbers, number words and ordinals

  • Place value

  • Addition and subtraction (Two-digit numbers)

  • Geometry

  • Problem solving  

Social Studies

  • Natural resources  

  • Needs and Wants  

  • Jobs/Careers

  • Being a good citizen

  • Monthly holidays (US & Chinese holidays)


  • Plants

  • Animals

  • Earth

  • Weather/Seasons

  • Dental health/Nutrition

  • Five senses


  • Jesus

  • Advent/Christmas     

  • Parish

  • God’s Forgiveness

  • The Three Days

  • Easter    

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