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Beginning Mandarin –- 3rd Trimester       

At the end of this trimester, students will be able to:  

       1.   Listen: Internalize and follow classroom instructions, directions and routines; often understand words, phrases and simple sentences related to everyday life. I can recognize pieces of information and sometimes understand the main topic of what is being said.

       2.  Speaking: communicate with teachers and peers related to everyday life; provide information about familiar topics using a variety of words, memorized phrases, and memorized expressions.

       3.  Reading: recognize a few memorized words and phrases; understand some learned and memorized words and phrases when I read.

       4.  Writing:  Write memorized words and phrases on familiar topics. I can write briefly about most familiar topics using very simple sentences.



Chinese Language Art – Foundational skills:

Students will focus on one topic each week. We will name items, practice conversations, read words and different genres, and write 4-5 basic characters and write simple sentences focusing on the use of the new learned characters, punctuations, and word spacing.


1) Recognize a few words and phrases

2) Provide information using a variety of words and basic simple sentences

3) Basic sight words

4) Punctuation: period, comma

5) Write basic Chinese characters, phrases, and simple sentences


1) Identify the characters, the setting of the story, and the sequence of events;

2) Make predictions

3) Use illustrations to aid in the comprehension

4) Other reading strategies



1) Graphs, tables, and fractions

2) Count by 5, 10 to 100

3) Money

4) Time

5) Measurement


Science: Living things and non-living things

1) Plants and animals

2) Matter

3) Motion


Social: Our Planet (6 weeks)

1) Needs and wants

2) Earth’s resources: water, soil, rock

3) Geography: different counties

4) Protect our planet

5) All about me



1) Prays: Sign of the Cross; Glory Be; Grace before meals

2) Lent, 3 Days and Easter

3) Jesus mother: Hail Mary

Please feel free to use Ms. Sun’s wiki page to review the lessons that have been learned in the class.