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Beginning Mandarin


      At the end of this trimester, students will be able to:  

1.  Listen: Recognize some familiar words and phrases; understand familiar words, phrases and simple sentences in context.

2.  Speak: Attempt to use words and phrases being used in the classroom by teachers and peers; provide information about very familiar topics using a variety of words and memorized phrases.

3.  Read: Understand some learned and memorized words and phrases.

4.  Write:  Write memorized phrases on familiar topics.


Chinese Language Art – Foundation skills:

Students will focus on one topic each week. While discussing the essential questions in this topic, students will read different genres, study Mandarin grammars, and learn to write frequent words.


1) use frequently occurring nouns, verbs and adjectives

2) understand and use question words

3) produce words and phrases in shared language activities

4) spell frequently used characters

5) Write basic Chinese characters and phrases

6) Practice narrative writing with help



With prompting and support,

1) Identify story structure;

2) Understand characters, key details and give reading responses;

3) Use illustrations to aid in comprehension

4) read emergent reader texts with purpose and understanding



Social Studies: Communities

1) Holidays around the world (Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year)

2) Our community now and then

3) Community helpers

4) Individual human needs


Science: Winter

1) Weather and animals in winter

2) How things move



1) Positions

2) Numbers to 31

3) Numbers to 100

4) Tables and Graphs

5) Money

6) Time



1) Advent / Christmas

2) Jesus Love Us

3) Lent



Please feel free to use Ms. Sun’s wiki page to review the lessons that have been learned in the class.