Mrs. McCormack's Webpage

Trimester 1

*Humorous Fiction
*Informational Text
*Realistic Fiction

*Types of Sentences
(Declarative, interrogative, imperative, exclamatory)
*Simple Sentences, Subject, Predicate
*Capitalization and Punctuation
*Compound Sentences
*Nouns/Proper Nouns

Word meanings
*Sentence Expansion

*Short vowels
*Long vowels/vowel patterns
Decoding multi-syllable words

*Narrative Writing
*Compare/contrast essays


Properties of Multiplication and Division
*Multiplication and the meaning of factors
*Division as an unknown factor problem
*Commutative and distributive properties
*Problem Solving

Place value and problem solving with units
*Time measurement and problem solving
*Measuring weight and liquid volume in Metric units
*Rounding to the nearest tens and  hundreds
*Two and three-digit addition and subtraction using the standard algorithm

Multiplication and Division with units of 0,1,6-9 and multiples of 10
*The Properties of Multiplication and Division
*Analysis of patterns and problem solving


*God the Father is our Creator
*Jesus Christ is the Divine Son of God
*The Bible is the revealed Word of God
*Catholic teaching is based on Scripture
*Men and Women are created to live in union with God

The Mass
*Importance of active participation in the Mass
*Parts of the Mass
*Holy Communion

*Understanding that prayer is communicating with God
*Private prayer
*Prayers to be learned: Gloria of the Mass
       Act of Contrition (review)

The Church
*The Early Church
*We are members of the Church
*The Church leads us in worship

Church Seasons
*Ordinary Time


Social Studies

*Local Communities
*United States Communities
*World Communities
*People in Communities
*Community Celebrations


The Nature of Science
*What is science?
*The role of scientists, questions they ask and the tools they use

Technology and the Design Process
*How can technology affect our lives?
*What is technology?
*What is a machine?
*What is the design process?

Earth and Weather
*How do forces cause changes on Earth's surface?
*What is the water cycle?
*What are weather and climate?
*What are minerals, rocks, and soil?
*How do we describe the Earth's surface?