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Grade 5: Word Processing
  • Use of Microsoft Word
  • Formatting Reports
  • Use of footnotes, endnotes, and page breaks
  • Creating works cited and bibliography pages
  • Creating Bullet Lists
  • Formatting paragraph alignment and spacing
  • Inserting symbols and page breaks

Grade 6: Spreadsheets

  • Use of Microsoft Excel
  • Creating graphs from spreadsheets
  • Line Graphs, Bar Graphs, and Circle Graphs
  • Interpreting data from a graph
  • Sorting data in a spreadsheet
  • Working with formulas in a spreadsheet

Grade 7: HTML Programming

  • Use of HTML
  • Creating, Editing, and Saving Webpages
  • Use of tags
  • Use of attributes
  • Inserting pictures and hyperlinks into a webpage
  • Changing the color and background of a webpage

Grade 8: Introduction to Computer Programming

    • Working with Python
    • Variables and Calculations
    • Strings, Lists, Maps, and Tuples
    • Drawing with Turtles
    • IF and ELSE
    • Loops
    • Functions and Modules
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