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Diane Ambroselli

First Grade

FirstTrimester Curriculum Topics

September 2017- December 2017

ELA: Super Kids Reading Program:

  • Welcome back   
    • Welcome back Super Kids, helps students get up to speed in just a few weeks. It reviews the most important skills taught in “Meet the Super Kids and Super Kids” Club. In the first five lessons, students review the name, formation, and one sound for each of the 26 letters of the alphabet. The remaining lessons give students additional practice blending letter sounds to decode words, encoding letters for sound and reading, and writing the twelve Memory Words taught in Kindergarten. After Welcome Back Super Kids, students will be ready to tackle more complex words, spelling patterns, and longer stories.
  • Adventures of Super Kids Level 3 Unit 1
    • Students will now learn phonemes, structural analysis skills, and memory words. They will build background for stories they will read. They then will apply new skills when they read stories or poems in the reader. Students will also work in the student book for more work on comprehension, vocabulary, and language skills.


  • Consonant Sounds
  • Initial sounds
  • Final sounds
  • High frequency words
  • Short Vowels and Long Vowels
  • Nouns
  • Plurals
  • Verbs


  • Sentence expansion
  • Write sentences
  • Poetry
  • Rhyming words
  • Compound words
  • Alphabetizing
  • Personal narratives 


  • Read with natural phrasing
  • Read rhythmically
  • Read Memory Words

About Superkids:

Pattern Words

Memory Words:




  • Our Class Saints
  • Chapter 1- God is our Father
  • Chapter 2- We believe in the Blessed Trinity
  • Chapter 3- Jesus grew up in a family
  • Chapter 4- Jesus works among the people
  • Chapter 5- Jesus teaches us about love
  • Chapter 13- Advent
  • Chapter 12- Christmas 


  • Scholastic News Topics


Social Studies:

  • Communities and Rules
  • Families
  • The Earth
  • Scholastic News Topics


  • Review of Kindergarten topics
  • Chapter 1 – Number, Number Words, and Ordinals
  • Chapter 2 - Addition Strategies and facts to 12
  • Chapter 3- Subtraction Strategies and facts to 12
  • Chapter 6 – Extended Addition and Subtraction facts