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                        4th grade overview second trimester


Division rules

Relate multiplication and division

Number patterns

1,2,3 digit quotients

Zero in quotients


Lowest terms

Compare and order fractions

Add and subtract fractions

             Multiply with fractions


                        Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World

                        Teammates ( biography )

                        Baseball Saved Us

Scruffy A Wolf Finds His Place in the Pack   ( non fiction )

Seal Journey    ( non fiction )

Stuart Little ( novel )



                        Project Tie:      Prepositions


                                                Sentence variety

                        Antonyms and Synonyms

                        Cause and effect

                        Compound words

                        Story Grammar Wheel




                        Consonant clusters

                        Soft c and g

                        ar and ir






                        Compare and contrast

                        Persuasive essay

                        Persuasive letters

                        Science Fair project reports

                        Diarama project


                        Plural and possessive nouns

                        Present tense

                        Past and future tense

                        Main and helping verbs

                        Linking verbs

                        Irregular verbs

 Social Studies

                        Native American Project

The Dutch settle in New York

                        New York becomes an English Colony

                        Life in the Colonies

Colonial government

New York builds trade

French and Indian War

The Declaration of Independence

The Revolutionary War


                        Energy from plants

                        Plant characteristics

                        Parts of a plant

                        How plants reproduce


                        Herbivore, carnivore, omnivores

                        Food webs and food chains

                        Changes in an ecosystem


                        Endangered and extinct

                        Succession and rapid changes

                        Science Fair Projects


                        Preparing for the birth of Jesus


                        The gift of the Magi

                        We are the church

                        We have responsibilities as members of the church

                        We have an active role in the church community

                        The virtues of faith, hope and love bring us closer to God

                        We are called to a life of love

                        The liturgical year

                        We remember and celebrate Jesus Christ throughout the liturgical year



                              5th Grade Second Trimester Overview



                        Realistic Fiction

                                    Old Yeller

                        Historical Fiction

                                    Amistad Rising, “ A Story of Freedom”

                                    The Silent Lobby

                                    Wilma Unlimited

                        Non Fiction

                                    Wilma Rudolph: A True Winner

                                    Martin Luther King Jr.



                                    Vocabulary Skills:

                                                            Antonyms and synonyms

                                                            Context clues

                                                            Cause and effect


                                    Long I and o

                                    Homophones and homographs

                                    Content words



                                        Compare and Contrast

                                        How to

                                    Acrostic Poems

                                    Cascading poetry

                                    Science Fair Reports


                        Idiomatic expression





Dear Parents,

          I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and tell you how excited I am to be your child’s teacher this year. The fourth grade is a very exciting year in your child’s education and I am looking forward to sharing this step of their journey with them. In order to make this transition as smooth as possible, I have outlined some important things you should know.

          Homework is given Monday through Thursday; I usually give homework in Math, Language Arts, and Spelling. All homework must be signed and unless stated is due the next day. Homework is 10% of your child’s grade and it is important that they complete all assignments.

          Tests are given at the end of each chapter and students will be given advanced notice before a test. The students will be given study guides in Social Studies and Science in order to help them study.On Fridays the students will have a quiz on their ELA and Math morning work and a Spelling test. Their grade will be broken up into 30% class work, 40% test grades, 10% homework, 10% quizzes and 10% projects.

          Please label all books, supplies and clothing with your child’s name. Also, at no time should your child be taking any type of electronics to school. These things can be misplaced and it is upsetting to the child.

          All students must be in the gym by 8:00 am for morning prayers. Arriving after the start of prayers is disruptive to the other students and will result in a late pass.

          If your child is sick please call the office int he morning and send in a note explaining their absence when they return to school. Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have at

          If at anytime during the year you need to speak to me, just send me a note and I can set up an appointment. I know with your help we can make this a great year for your child.


                                                          Sincerely yours,



                                                          Mrs. Donna Noguera

Name of Teacher:                      Donna Noguera

GradeLevel:                           Grade 4

Subjects:                                  All

Grade Percentages:

Classwork:                                       30%

Homework:                                      10%

Quizzes:                                            10%

Tests:                                                40%

Projects:                                           10%


Vocabulary/Grammar:                     20%

Readingskills:                                    25%


Writing:                                      30%
Speaking/ Listening:                        10%

Phonics/Spelling:                              15%