Kindergarten Webpage March - June


 Each week  students will  focus on  one letter, its sound, things that begin with the letter and writing the letter. Students will be encouraged to use the full line when writing starting from the top to the bottom.

         Students will also learn one -sight word each week. We will be focusing on a sight word and a picture which will help the students with reading readiness skills.   For every word that we learn students will be given index cards to review the sight words at home. Students should be able to read and write each sight word.  We will begin to use sight words and write simple sentences focusing on capital letters, punctuation and word spacing. Students should practice the index card sight words evening at home.  Students will learn rhyming words with word families.

        We will continue to work on reading different genres and studying the characters and the setting of the story. We will also encourage students to make predictions while reading, and focusing on the sequence of events (beginning, middle and end of a story), and reading responses.  We will introduce the Story Grammar Wheel.

Math -

-  Graphs, Tables and Fractions

 -Count by 5, 10 to 100

  - Money

   - Time

   -  Measurement




- Matter

- Motion


Social Studies

- Needs and Wants

- Geography

- American History



- Lent, 3 Days , Easter

- Mary Our Mother

- God is Our Creator