Ms. Gina's Webpage - PreK 3


Welcome to Our Class !

A Little About Me…

I am a graduate of Hofstra University with a Masters in Elementary Education.  I am Permanently Certified and have taught in early childhood for 10 years.  I live in the area with my husband and two sons.  Family is very important to me.  I love animals and I have a dog, cat, rabbit, a lizard, and a fish!  One of my favorite things to do is read!

My Teaching Philosophy

It is my belief that being an early childhood educator is one of the most important jobs a person can have.  We are laying the groundwork for a child’s lifetime of learning success!  That is why I feel it is so important to provide children with a learning environment that is both nurturing and supportive to each of their individual learning styles.  I see the classroom as an extension of home.  When children enter my room each morning, I want them to feel the same love and support they do at home because I believe that children learn best in an environment where they feel safe and accepted.  I strive to provide creative and developmentally appropriate experiences that allow children to explore and learn through their play and interactions with others.   

What's To See in Pre-K3!