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Miss Robles’ 2nd Grade Class
September - December

ELA- SuperKids Reading Program

In Unit 1, the Superkids characters reflect the developmental stages and interest of real students. Children identify with the Superkids adventures, their challenges, and their victories. Now that the Superkids have reached second grade we will see how they handle issues surrounding the school and interpersonal relationships, with emotional complexities children face and they mature.

As we read about the Superkids we will discover that they do many things as students. We will be reading the decodable reader, Super magazine, and our book club book. Also, we will be working on our word workbook. We will be also be working in centers for differentiating instruction.  

 In Unit 2, students will continue to blossom and build strong word attack and spelling skills.

In the word Work Book, children meet more variable phonetic elements such as er, ir, ur aw , all  and aul. Unit 2 also provides explicit instruction of base words and endings –s, -es,-er, -ed and –ing enabling children to further improve their word attack, spelling , grammar and usage skills as well as learn the meaning of new words. They will also extend their understanding of homonyms and sharpen their ability to use context to figure out unknown words.

In the stores in the Decodable reader, The Superkids engage in a class project to invent things. A new boy joins the Superkids and the Superkids learn some lesson about friendship and working together.

  For writing assignments, students will be learning the writing process and different types of writing through interactive notebooks.

ELA – Phonics

  • Reviewing Consonants

  • Short Vowels and Long vowels

  • Variant Consonants Sounds

  • y as a vowel

  • Blends- Initial (l,r,s) and Final Blends

  • Syllables

  • Spelling and Writing High-Frequency Words

ELA- Reading

  • Decoding Words

  • Comprehension, Reading, and Studying techniques

  • Learning new vocabulary through context clues.

  • 5 Story Elements (Character, setting, problem, plot and theme)

  • Different Genres and its characteristics

  • Compare and Contrast

ELA- Grammar 

    • Nouns

    • Verbs

    • Adjectives

    • Possessive

    • Plurals

    • Homonyms



Writing complete sentences with correct grammar
Sentence Expansion
The Writing Process 
Personal Narrative
Journal Writing 


Module 1: Sums and Differences to 100

Module 1 sets the foundation for students to master sums and differences to 20. Students subsequently apply these skills to fluently add one-digit to two-digit numbers at least through 100 using place value understanding, properties of operations, and the relationship between addition and subtraction 

Topic A: Foundations for Fluency with Sums and Differences Within 100
Topic B: Initiating Fluency with Addition and Subtraction Within 100

Grade 2 Module 2: Addition and Subtraction of Length Units

Grade 2 module, students engage in activities designed to deepen their conceptual understanding of measurement and to relate addition and subtraction to length.  Their work in Module 2 is exclusively with metric units in order to support place value concepts.  Customary units will be introduced in Module 7.

Topic A: Understand Concepts About the Ruler 
Topic B: Measure and Estimate Length Using Different Measurement Tools 
Topic C: Measure and Compare Lengths Using Different Length Units 
Topic D: Relate Addition and Subtraction to Length

Science (Scholastic)

  • Different Rocks

  • Animals in an Ecosystem

  • Habitats & Animals

  • Fossils

  • Natural Resources

Social Studies (Scholastic)

  • Columbus Day

  • Where We Live

  • Living in a  Neighborhood

  • Walk Through a Community

  • Comparing Communities

  • Our State and Our Country

  • Geography- the seven continents and the five oceans

  • The Pilgrims

  • Veterans Day

  • The Wampanoag

  • Winter Holidays


  • Jesus Christ is Always with Us

  • Jesus is the Son of God

  • Jesus Gives us the Church

  • We Celebrate God’s Love

  • We Celebrate Baptism

  • We Celebrate Confirmation

  • The Church Year

  • Advent

  • Christmas